League Format
and Rules
League Format & Rules

  • All players must have a signed player registration form
    (signed by parent or legal guardian) and paid their entry
    fee to be eligible to play.  Players may play on more than
    one team and may play with different schools if they
    need an extra player to make six.

  • The cost of the league is $50 per athlete.  

  • Every athlete will receive a team T-shirt in their school

  • Each team will play one or two matches per Tuesday

  • Your teams are not required to have a coach.  However,
    each team must have an adult responsible for the group
    at the playing site.  

  • Coaches for your teams can be anyone that you select.  
    Parents, friends, former players all make good

  • Every team will be responsible for officiating one match
    per night in addition to their two playing matches.

  • Matches will begin at 5:30 and the last match will be
    scheduled to begin at 8:30

  • There will be a season ending league tournament on
    Saturday, May 68.  Every team will be eligible for the

  • Coaches may enter as many teams as they wish at the
    JV, Varsity, and Middle School level (current 7th & 8th
    graders).  Players may substitute for missing players on
    other teams.  The teams will play at their level (i.e., JV
    teams will play against JV teams).

  • Matches will consist of rally scored games to 25 points
    with no cap.

  • Each match will be timed at 45 minutes which includes
    6 minutes for warm-up.  Matches will be called after
    time has elapsed in order to keep the league play on
    time.  Teams will play the entire 39 minutes regardless
    of the outcome of the games.  Once the time has
    expired, the match will end after the last rally,
    regardless of the score.  This will allow all teams to get
    the maximum amount of play.

  • Your teams will be scheduled as close to home as
    possible.  There will be some travel involved for each

  • The scoring format and rules of play will be according
    to the UIL adopted rules for the 2020 regular season.